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FMgru was established in 1920 as a family run company. It is situated in the large industrial area of Northern Italy. The Company was originally working in the welded construction and metal structural sector on road bridges, prefabrication moulds, farming machines, pylons, presses and fork lifts.
Manufacturing of Cranes began in 1963 when the company invested all its financial and human resources into the activity. FMs target was to reach the highest level of specialization in the lifting field.
FMgru is a dynamic and modern company well established in the construction sphere. Automated robot welding systems featuring integrated ultrasound monitoring systems are used. Computerised systems that guarantee compliance with specifications are used.
Various types and styles of Tower Cranes from Small Self Erectors to Large Capacity, High Tower Heights and Long Jib Cranes with Optional climbing frames are available. The Latest Topless Tower Crane is the FMgru 2675 which has a Max Capacity of 16,000kg to a 14.3m radius, Jib length of 83.9m where it will lift 1,450kg and a Free Standing Tower Height of 61.9m. Towers can go much higher by using Ties back to the Building Structure.

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