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The PowerAttack was designed by Klaus Scholpp who has been involved in the Crane and Rigging Industry in Germany for over 3 decades. He over the years saw a need for a simple item of equipment that could pull and move heavy loads that could not be reached or accessed easily by a crane or fork lift.
Klaus invented the PowerAttack which is a hand held Electric Motor or a Battery Powered tool,  which is designed for use in the movement and relocation of items of equipment and or machinery. eg, Lathes, Ovens, Boilers, Presses, Escalators or Containers etc.
The PowerAttack is operated by the use of 240v or Battery Power and is simple and easy to use.
Accessories such as skates, rollers or jacks of various types can be purchased separately as required for use with the PowerAttack. Just jack up the load to be moved, hook the PowerAttack on and move the load.
The PowerAttack will move up to 25,000kgs on its own and can move heavier loads by adding extra PowerAttack units.




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